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1990 Mercedes-Benz C124 230CE (SOLD)

1990 Mercedes-Benz C124 230CE

3568 Signal Red over 3515 Tartan Red

Beige cloth Interior

Stunning and unmolested

Drives beautifully

4 previous owners

Full (and vast) Service History with recent major mechanical overhaul

167K miles


2298cc M102 4 Cylinder Engine

4-Speed Automatic Gearbox (with 'S'Standard and 'E'Economy modes)

  • Electric Windows x 4
  • Electric Tilt/Slide Sunroof
  • Central Locking
  • Power Steering
  • ABS
  • Heated Mirrors; passenger-side electric
  • Electric Aerial
  • Remote Alarm
  • Rear Armrest
  • Load Adjustable Headlamps
  • Front Fog Lamps
  • Electric Seatbelt Assists
  • Electric Rear Headrest Retract
  • 5 Matching 15-hole Alloy wheels
  • 5 Matching virtually new Goodyear Tyres


    This car has an absolutely vast Service History!

    For the first 12 years this was by the supplying Mercedes-Benz Dealership: Drayton/Hills of Shrewsbury who are my local Mercedes-Benz main-dealership. Thereafter the servicing was by Specialist Independents. There are an incredible 37 (!) records of servicing stamped in the the Service Booklet (this is NOT additonally counting stamps for brake and coolant fluid changes). Please see details below.

    Additonally, there is every receipt for parts, repairs and maintenance work going back to 2002 all filed neatly year by year in separate folders for each year by a previous owner (please photos).

    Further to all of this I have within the last c.8K miles had the the following done (and probably more that I've forgotten about!):

    1) New front brake discs and pads plus wear sensors
    2) New rear brake discs and pads plus wear sensors
    3) New coil springs all round and spring pads(to 'Sportline' Spec)
    4) New Shock absorbers all round (Monroe Reflex with are 'Sportline' equivalents)
    5) All new flexi brake hoses
    6) Some new rigid brake pipes
    7) New engine Mounts
    8) New balljoints
    9) New kickdown solenoid
    10) Various breather hoses
    11) Oil plus oil filter x3
    12) Transmission fluid plus pan and gasket
    13) Coolant flush and renew
    14) Brake and hydraulic fluid
    15) New distributer cap and rotor arm
    16) New HT leads
    17) New spark plugs
    18) Diff Oil
    19) 400 in parts and labour just to get the sunroof working!
    20) Two new front wings, plus one rear wheel-arch repair
    21) The above fitted plus some small welding to a patch near the rear subframe
    22) Both sides of the car and bonnet resprayed (above the Sacco panels)
    23) Five matching 15-Hole alloys that were taken from a car when nearly new (really only a couple of light 'storage marks'...been in the chap's garage for 20 years)
    24) 5 Matching Goodyear tyres plus fitting and balancing
    25) New Grille now perfect
    26) New Grille Plastic now perfect
    27) New New brake pedal rubber and aerial grommet
    28) Philips X-treme Power headlamp bulbs (make a big difference)
    29) New ribbed type overmats
    30) Probably a load of other smaller items that I've now completely lost track of! New number plates, paints etc etc

    The Service History details are as follows:


    There is no rust on this car.

    I have just had both front wings replaced along with a rear wheel-arch repair.

    Both sides of the car and the bonnet (for stone-chips only and to match the sides) have just been repainted and the car looks stunning.

    There are no dents, scratches, dinks or even stone-chips on the bonnet now. Please see photos. This work has literally just been completed (2 weeks ago - late August 2012).

    The roof and bootlid are in original paint as are the Sacco side panels and bumpers.

    The underside has been thoroughly cleaned, wheel-wells repainted and the lightly coated with CLEAR waxoyl (NOT a load of horrible black waxoyl or under-seal slapped over everything to hide rust!).

    I have either wire-brushed or cleaned using my sand-blaster all the suspension parts, repainted them in rust inhibiting paint and again coated in CLEAR waxoyl.

    If you are considering buying a W124 please be advised that if it hasn't had its front wings recently replaced and is showing even small signs of rust the likelihood that they will have already extensively rotted away from the inside-out is very high!


    The car has a matching set of five 15-Hole Mercedes Alloys. I bought these recently from someone who had taken them off their car when virtually new and put them into storage in their garage for over 20 years!(without tyres) The spare had never ever been mounted on a car and even the wheels that had been used really only have a few tiny storage marks.

    The tyres are all virtually new Goodyear Excellence radials still showing 7mm or tread all round (new tyres have 8mm) i.e not a mis-matched collection of old, cracking, Budget tyres as some car sellers seem to think is acceptable.


    As noted above in the service history section:

    I have had all the shock-absorber, road springs (all to 'Sportline' spec) replaced along with engine mounts and balljoints. The car rides and handles superbly with no clunks, rattles or squeaks.

    All four brake discs and all pads have been replaced along with all flexible brake hoses and some on the rigid pipes. It brakes perfectly with no nasty pulling or grabbing and has excellent pedal feel.

    Balljoints have been replaced and the car steers straight and true.

    Electrics and Stereo

    Everything works...including the seat-belt butlers.

    The stereo is an aftermarket Clarion CD/Radio which a previous owner had fitted in 2004 (receipt in file of course). Whilst not strictly 'period correct' in appearance it does undeniable sound very, very good!


    Very nice, airy interior.

    Carpets have always been protected by overmats.

    I have a new set of ribbed type mats and there is also a further set of used overmats in black (a bit more practical for dirty shoes in winter!).

    The front seats have had a professional repair done to the common wear area on the outer bolsters in the past (receipt in file and please see photos). This has actually been done very, very nicely and really has an almost 'factory appearance' and the material that has been used looks and feels a lot more hardwearing than the original.

    Please note:

    There is now just a slight bit of wear in the centre of the driver's side seat base (see photos). However, I have managed to source a replacement from another car's passenger side (hence with no wear on it!) which could be used once the time comes to replace the original one. New covers are no longer available from MB...I did enquire at my local main-dealer parts department.

    The above now done, please see photo.

    'Bad Points'

    The only 'bad point' is that the rear screen has some slight delamination fogging around the edge at the base and sides. This is very common on these fact, I have only ever seen one Coupe that didn't have this...and that was because it had had its rear screen replaced.


    All handbooks, tools, jack, first aid kit and two keys are present and correct.


    If you are seriously looking for one of these elegant, true 4-seater Coupes please don't be put off by the overall mileage. The condition of this example with all of its recent vast expenditure on both mechanical overhaul and body and paintwork make it a far better example than many of the 'seemingly cheaper' ones around even if they appear to offer lower mileage. They won't be like this one!

    It is well known that these W124/C124s are amongst the best built and engineered of all Mercedes.

    I have owned and driven this car now for circa 8K miles. It has never let me down. I can honestly say that with all the above work completed it really is the nicest of cars to drive and draws admiring looks. I am only offering it for sale as I have too many cars at the moment otherwise I would love to keep it.

    It would make a great car for a continental tour with a 'bit of elegance' due to its pillarless design and ample boot space yet can still be used as reliable, stylish daily transport as it has been for me until recently. The engine has easily smooth and powerful for that yet remains reasonably frugal.

    Mot'd at present and I will organise a further full 12 Months MOT if required.

    Taxed until 30th September 2013

    A really nice car and a sound investment!

    The asking price is well below the over 6000 that I've invested in this car, notwithstanding my own considerable time and efforts.

    Price: SOLD

    (Now with low-mileage replacement engine)

    Numerous additional photographs here:



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