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1989 BMW E34 530i Saloon - SOLD

1989 BMW E34 530i Saloon - SOLD

  • 5-Speed Manual
  • Cirrus Blue Metallic
  • Grey Cloth
  • FSH
  • 72500 miles (genuine)

    Recently bought (2 months ago) with a genuine 71K miles on the clock from an 81 year old gentleman who purchased the car at the age of 65 years old as a retirement present to himself. In the ensuing 16 years he only put 11K miles (!) on the clock and was now giving up driving.

    I bought the car as a stop-gap whilst repairs were being carried out to my wife's E39 Touring.

    Meticulously maintained and serviced...sometimes covering only a few hundred miles between services. Currently still showing 5 Green Service lights The low mileage is backed up by the service records (mixture of BMW Maindealer and local garage) and all MOTs back to 1995. The last service was 28/5/09 with 70732 miles on the clock. I bought it almost 2 years later and it had covered only 200 miles in those two years!

    All Tax discs are present in sequence back to 1997.

    The car has 10 months MOT and I have put a year's road Tax on the car (to end May 2012).

    The vehicle also had both rear axle beam bushed replaced and a new fron wishbone.

    The interior is in superb condition with no wear evident even on the driver's side bolster. Never smoked in; lighter unused. No dashboard damage and all the plastic trim retains a nice factory matt finish.

    I have added a pair of the upgraded rear interior lights to the version with the integral reading lamps.

    Original Radio/Cassette (nothing to write home about but it's there!), toolkit, first aid kit, glove-box torch and two keys all present.

    All service books and folder are present and the V5 is in my wife's name registered to our address.

    Looks to have had a recent genuine exhaust rear box, along with distributor cap and rotor arm (cost him 145!) and a replacement front screen.

    The tyres have lots of tread (Michelin front and Uniroyal rear) and the wheels are in pretty good original condition with only some light marks/kerbing and paint flaking on the rim of one of them.

    The car drive superbly! Tight, straight and true. Also being a manual version and unemcumbered by the weight of items like Air-con, sunroof, electric seats etc it really is a very quick car. Though I suspect it was hardly ever taken over 30 mph in the last 16 years!

    Bad points?

    There is no rust on the car except for one bubble on the O/S edge of the bonnet and a bit on the sills near the front jacking points. Both would be easily remedied. However....the paintwork has really suffered at the hands of whirly-brush car-washes! This isn't really eveident from five paces but on close inspection (especially in bright sun-light) it is covered in lots of fine scratches/swirls. I spent a long time seeing if these could be eliminated. I tried on the roof and spent many hours...they're 'improved' but not eliminated. I don't have the time or inclination to continue!

    The OSR quarter panel has also been repainted at some stage and it wasn't the best job.

    Other age-related stone-chips, scuffs etc but nothing horrendous.

    I don't want to over-labour or state the above as from a few paces back it does still look a smart car...just want to be honest and not give the impression that the car is up to my usual standards.

    When I bought the car the passenger rear door did not open due to a faulty lock actuator. I have since managed to open the door and I am expecting a replacement actuator to arrive soon. This should also sort out the remote alarm which is a bit 'funny' without it.

    Also with the car there's also a replacement front fog lamp that I bought to replace the O/S one which is cracked. I have also replaced the washer jets and jet pump with good secondhand ones as they were weak when I got the car. I've put a couple of new Bosch wiper blades on, a new tax-disc holder and a new rear screen sticker.

    That's about it!

    So,in summary, a super driving, very low mileage, well-maintained manual E34 530i with 10 months Road Tax and MOT offered at a bargain price (incluing the Road Tax plus other stuff I have spent on the car this represents a circa 700 loss to me in less than 2 months ownership!)

    PRICE : 600



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