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1989 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 Auto (SOLD)

1989 Mercedes-Benz 190E 2.6 Auto

Stunning, unmolested example

Low mileage

Full Service History

One owner from new until 2011

Agate Green Non-metallic over Kiwi Green Metallic

Beige interior


  • 2599cc M103 Straight 6 Cylinder Engine
  • Single camshaft duplex chain driven
  • 166 BHP @ 5800 rpm; Max Torque: 228 NM @ 4600 rpm
  • 4 Speed Automatic gearbox (with 'S'Standard and 'E'Economy modes)
  • Top Speed: 134 MPH

  • Headlamp Wash/Wipe
  • Electric Windows x 4
  • Electric Tilt/Slide Sunroof
  • Central Locking
  • Power Steering
  • ABS
  • Electric/Heated Mirrors
  • Rear Armrest
  • Load Adjustable Headlamps
  • Front Fog Lamps
  • Original Kenwood Radio/Cassette Player
  • Rare Roof Mounted Aerial
  • Factory Tinted Glass with Gradient Band Windscreen
  • Original factory Fire Extinguisher
  • Newly Refurbished 15 Hole MB Alloy Wheels
  • Matching excellent MICHELIN tyres all round
  • A further set of its original steel wheels and tyres


    2 Owners

    Purchased new in 1989 upon his retirement by the first owner, collected personally by him from the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen and then kept by him until 2011!

    The huge service history file commences with the original bill of sale. It is accompanied by all the documentation from the factory regarding the Personal collection option, including details of the complimentary hotel stay, even the complimentary fuel put in the car by Mercedes to assist with the return trip and a grille badge as a souvenir.

    The total initial purchase price £21,775 in April 1989.

    That is equivalent to £46,000 in today's (2012) money!

    It was sold to its second owner in 2011 who kept it for less than a year.

    Service History

    80K miles - The speedo reads 68K miles, however the speedo head was replaced by Mercedes at 12K miles, fully documented in the service history (please see photo).

    The service history on this car is just phenomenal and testament to the owner's fastidious upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle.

    The car never wanted for anything ... anything (repairs, replacement parts etc) required was done immediately.

    There are 20 Service Stamps in the Service Booklet!

    In addition to all scheduled services the owner had numerous interim, non-scheduled services performed mostly on a 6 monthly basis regardless of how few miles had been covered in the interevening period. There is even one instance where it went 5 miles between services (Yes, five!).

    For approximately the first half of his ownership this was with the supplying Mercedes Maindealer through whom he placed his original order. Thereafter, it was mainly with Independent garages which were for the most part Porsche and BMW Specialists. The reason for this will become apparent below.

    Despite the care lavished on the car the original engine suffered a rare, unfortunate and serious fault in 2000 when the car was 11 years old but had covered only about 45K miles (valve fault on cylinder number 1 led to it damaging piston 1, the oil pump and contaminating the engine with swarf). The damage was deemed beyond economically repairing the engine by Mercedes and led to the car having a brand new Mercedes engine fitted at a cost of £4600. This new engine has therefore only done a more circa 35K miles.

    This led to a series of very acrimonious exchanges of correspondence between the owner and Mercedes-Benz as it was his contention that despite the car's age at the time, given the very low mileage and care and expense given to servicing and maintaining the car that Mercedes should have replaced the engine at their expense not his. They would not comply with his wish and this led to numerous exchanges and even a letter to The Sunday Times! All of this correspondence is still with the car.

    Thereafter, it appears the owner would have nothing to do with the parent company and his suppying dealership anymore and hence his switch to local independent Porsche and BMW specialists (obviously both more than capable of looking after the relatively straight-forward technology on these types of cars).

    In saying all this, the benefit has been that the car which itself is already a very low mileage car has an ultra-low mileage engine; this is so smooth and runs and sounds like a sewing machine when at tickover!

    I have totalled the amount of money he spent from the accompanying service and maintenance invoices which come to a massive over £7000. This does NOT include the £4600 he spent on the new engine. Together the total amount spent comes close to £12,000. It should be remembered that a lot of this expenditure needs to be seen in the context of the value of money going back into the early 1990s.

    Prior to me purchasing it the second owner also had a further oil service carried out in June 2011 and new front brake discs and pads in December 2011.

    Since purchasing I have, through my Independent BMW Specialist done a full and comprehensive further major service. This has included:

    All filters: Air, Oil, Gearbox and Fuel filter (often neglected or avoided as it's the most awkward to replace).

    All Fluids: Oil, transmission, Coolant/Anti-freeze, Brake Fluid

    Spark plugs

    Body & Paintwork

    The car is simply stunning visually.

    There is no rust whatsoever.

    The car was already in super condition but had a couple of pin-dinks on the driver's side (plus one on the passenger side) and some stone-chips on the bonnet. Most people would have accepted these as part and parcel of a 23 year old car that was still in truly exceptional condition. However,given it's provenance, model desirability, interior and mechnically condition I wanted this car to equal or exceed the standards of my previous 190Es (see links below).

    I have therefore had the whole driver's side, the bonnet repainted and the single pin dink of the passenger rear door sorted. Additionally, I repainted the lower part of the front bumper and hence there are no scuffs or stonechips at all on this either. Therefore, there are NO dents, scratches, dinks,scuffs, stonechips etc.

    I always insist that the paintshop I use use high-quality (and expensive DuPont lacquer) and the result is stunning.

    New number plates are fitted but the original supplying dealer ("Puttocks") plates (still in remarkable condition) have been retained as well.

    Previous 190Es:

    Mercedes 190E ~ Sold

    Mercedes 190E ~ Sold

    Mercedes 190E Sportline ~ Sold


    Effectively, like new!

    I suspect the seats must have always been protected by covers as they are pefectly clean and unworn...even on the driver's bolster!

    Carpets are perfect and have always been protected by original ribbed-type Mercedes overmats. Never smoked in.

    Engine, Drive Train, Suspension & Brakes

    As already mentioned, the 6 cylinder M103 in this car has only covered 35K miles and runs perfectly and completely transforms the 190E when I compare the drive and feel over the three previous 2.0L cars that I have owned.

    There are no other issues with the remainder of the drive train.No untoward noises, clunks, whines etc.

    I have replaced the rear shocker absorbers.

    The front brakes (discs and pads) were replaced by the pervious owner in Dec' 2011. The rear discs and pads have lots of life in them.

    Wheels & Tyres

    I have fitted the car with newly refurbished 15-Hole Mercedes Alloys shod with matching MICHELIN tyres.

    New centre caps

    New wheel-bolts

    In addition, the car will come with it's original style wheels which have one pair of Continental tyres (still with a decent amount of tread) and a pair of 'Budget type' tyres fitted on the other two by the previous owner (these are virtually still new!).

    These wheels would be useful for 'daily use' if one wished to reserve the alloys for 'Sunday Best'.


    Original period Kenwood Radio/Cassette

    Absolutely everything works perfectly with the exception of the passenger side rear electric window which doesn't go down. I have looked into this and suspect it is that the motor needs freeing off due to lack of use as there is definitely power reaching it (I'm just slightly reluctant to try to take the motor out as I've never attempted that with a window in the 'up' position!...I might have a go when I feel brave LOL!)


    All handbooks, tools, jack, first aid kit and two sets of keys and alarm fobs as are present and correct.


    In addition to all of the above, I have invested a very significant amount of money and well over 250 hours of my own personal time and efforts into this car (I actually kept a time log this time!). I know it becomes a cliché ...but please do not confuse this with the normal run-of-the-mill 190E out there.

    A 190E in the highly desirable 2.6L format, in this type of unmolested condition, along with this type of low mileage (and ultra low mileage engine!) is now a very rare find. There will be very few in this condition!

    Will come with full 12 months MOT at purchase.

    Price: £5,750 SOLD

    Numerous additional photographs here:



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